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The name “Noreta” is a shortened form of No Red Tape. While health insurance can be very useful for large medical expenses, it increases the cost of caring for patients in traditional primary care practices. At Noreta Family Medicine, we can tell you exactly how much your in-office fees, medications, labs, and radiology studies will be before you have them done. Wholesale prescriptions, lab tests, and radiology studies will save you money, and perhaps even save you a trip to the ER. There will be no unexpected bills sent to you. We hope this allows you to budget for your general health costs. No red tape means less paperwork for you and our staff to fill out, which means we will shorten your waiting time, and can spend more time with you. This also means our staff will be smaller, creating a more personal experience for you at a lower cost than a traditional practice.

Dr. Melissa Boylan primary care physician

Meet Dr. Melissa Boylan

I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA, but have lived and practiced medicine in Columbia since 2008. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, I attended the Georgetown University School of Medicine, where I discovered my love of family medicine. I continued my southern migration by training at the Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina Family Medicine Residency Program. I was co-chief resident in my final year and decided to stay in Columbia to begin my family medicine career. Board certified since 2011, I worked in Palmetto Health’s free clinic, and I taught family medicine residents at the family medicine residency program. I am still an assistant clinical faculty member at the USC School of Medicine. In 2019, I became a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

I established Noreta Family Medicine in 2020 because I saw frustration on my patient’s faces daily, having to deal with phone trees, complicated billing questions, high medical costs, surprise bills, long wait times, and feeling like a number. I’m here to improve all of this! I want you to be able to understand how the office works, where your money is going, and know the cost of your care up front. I want to show that DPC is a newer, but sustainable model where I can spend more time with you, and and improve the value of your visits to the doctor..

I chose family medicine because of the relationships I can develop over time from seeing patients. I enjoy working with you to treat chronic medical problems, like diabetes and high blood pressure and women’s health issues! Outside of medicine, I enjoy crafting, baking, cooking, and bringing the spirit of Notre Dame to Columbia!

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