Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked

How can I pay for my membership?

You can use bank draft, credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Are there hidden fees?

Any charges that are billed to you will be known up front. You membership covers all of your care by our staff. You can see the additional charges for our super low-cost labs, medications, and radiology studies HERE.

Can I cancel my membership?

We would appreciate 30 days notice, but you can cancel your membership without penalty if you feel that is best for you.

Do you take insurance?

No! We feel we best serve our patients without the restrictions that insurance can place on your care.

Can I have insurance and still come to Noreta Family Medicine?

Absolutely! We recommend you have insurance. A high deductible or catastrophic plan can help to pay for larger or unexpected expenses such as emergencies or surgeries. You are also free to join our practice if you have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or another type of coverage.

What should I do if I have an emergency?

Call 911. Seek help. Get the care you need at that time. When it is appropriate, please call us and inform us of what occurred.

What if I need care on the weekend?

If you have an urgent need that can’t wait for normal business hours, you will be able to contact us by phone. While we will come in on the weekend for urgent needs, we find that that need is very rare. We are not available for routine, non-urgent needs on the weekends. We are dedicated to your care and to a healthy physician-patient relationship.

Do you take care of patients in the hospital?

Not directly, but we have the ability to communicate with the hospital physicians who take care of you. Dr. Boylan maintains credentials with the Prisma Hospital system so she will be able to see your hospital records from the office. Please call us if you are admitted to the hospital or go to the emergency room.

Is there an age limit on who can come to Noreta?

No! We take patients of all ages, from birth on. We want to put the “family” back in family medicine!

Do you make house calls?
Yes! We charge $50 for each house call. We like to reserve these visits for people who have trouble leaving their homes.
What are your hours?

 Our hours are:

  • Mon-Wed 8-5
  • Thursday – limited hours
  • Friday 8-noon

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