It’s a great day to start a blog!

I’d like this blog to be an extension of my office – sharing tips and tricks that will improve your health, and share some patient successes along the way. After working in a “traditional” healthcare office for 10 years, it is so freeing to be able to make my own decisions, and allow patients to have more of a say in their healthcare.

Since the model that my practice follows is newer to the Columbia, SC area, I think it deserves another explanation! Similar to how car maintenance is done without filing a car insurance claim, Noreta Family Medicine offers affordable primary care without filing with your medical insurance using a model called Direct Primary Care (DPC).

An insurance plan is not even needed! Noreta Family Medicine offers a broad range of primary care services for a monthly fee, inclusive of in-person and telemedicine visits. Deeply discounted labs are drawn in-house, and discounted medications are available to take home with you from the office.

Dr. Melissa Boylan the owner of Noreta Family Medicine in Columbia SC

Instead of spending time filing claims with insurance companies, I spend more time with you, offer same day visits, and cut through the red tape of healthcare. Oh, and did I mention saving money? Here’s a list of some cost savings that my patients have seen so far:

  • A patient with insurance was able to save $200 every 3 months on her chronic medications by ordering her meds through Noreta Family Medicine
  • A patient with insurance will save $425/year on his chronic medications
  • A patient with insurance will save $80/year on only 1 medication through Noreta
  • A patient without insurance is able to save $80 every 3 months on his chronic medications and $100’s on lab studies. This patient essentially paid for their membership through the cost savings provided at Noreta!

I am truly honored to have been chosen (for the first time) as a 2020 Premier Physician for the Columbia Metropolitan Magazine. I feel it is only through having made the leap of opening my own practice, giving my patients the time they need to discuss problems, and having the time for me to get to know them better allowed me to be one of the physicians chosen.

Have a great week!
Melissa Boylan, MD, FAAFP