Modern Medicine Welcomes the Return of Old-Fashioned Service!

What happened to the days when you knew more about your doctor than just their name? What happened to the days when if you got sick on the weekend, you could just pick up the phone and talk to YOUR doctor?

It turns out that this type of care exists in more than just reruns of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Direct Primary Care (DPC) offices provide a small and welcoming home for you to maintain or start to improve your health. I challenge you to find another medical office where you don’t need to sign in at the front window. Founded on principles of transparency and affordability, DPC doctors know that spending more time with you leads to a more trusting relationship, and I would argue, better care.

Unfortunately, trust in healthcare continues to dwindle. Magnified by COVID, many reasons have led to this erosion of trust – the increasing cost of medications, poor service provided by worn out staff members, the five-minute visit that leaves you with more questions than answers, among other reasons. 

I propose that DPC is one answer to this crisis. When a doctor has time to sit down and listen to you, you naturally begin to develop a trusting relationship with them. Isn’t being a good listener one of the qualities you look for in good friends and partners?

I know that a majority of doctors want to spend more time with you. They would love to celebrate your child’s latest award, or find out about how your spouse is doing after their recent surgery. However, each extra minute in the room may lead to another email lashing from a health system administrator which leads to worsened job satisfaction, and distraction from the task at hand – taking care of YOU! This is where DPC comes in for the win! DPC doctors aren’t tied to administrators, insurance company rules, or other middlemen who get in the way of getting to the bottom of your health concerns.

In a DPC office:

Office visits are unrushed.

  • Each visit is scheduled for 60 minutes at Noreta.

Prices are known up front for all medical services.

  • This includes the monthly subscription fee to join the practice, lab prices, medicine prices, etc.

You won’t get a bill after the visit or be charged a copay when you come in.

  • When is the last time you did not need to pull out your wallet at a doctor’s visit?

Scheduling an appointment is easy and convenient.

  • Video visit? Check! Scheduling online? Check! Same day visits? Check!

Care is frustration free! The only frustration you will have is why you didn’t join sooner!

Direct Primary Care is better medicine

As the New Year approaches, resolve to experience frustration-free primary care with Noreta Family Medicine!

Melissa Boylan MD, FAAFP
Family Physician and Owner of Noreta Family Medicine